Happy Thanksgiving from KOHC!

Halloween decorations, costumes, and orange everything have all but disappeared. Suddenly winter holiday decorations are everywhere! What happened to Thanksgiving, an opportune time to reflect and acknowledge gratitude? Kentucky Oral Health Coalition has so much to be thankful for this year, most of all YOU, our members, partners, and oral health advocates. With Thanksgiving right around the corner, let’s acknowledge what we are thankful for and take a moment to recognize the collaborative effort necessary [...]

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Health Highlights from the 2021 KIDS COUNT County Data Book

Kentucky will be strongest when all children have their best chance to thrive. The 2021 Kentucky KIDS COUNT County Data Book, recently released by Kentucky Youth Advocates, examines data disaggregated by race/ethnicity, the impacts of systemic racial injustice on children and families, and solutions to advance racial equity so that every child can thrive. The 31st edition of this publication also features the latest data on 17 measures of child well-being, showing whether outcomes for children across [...]

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It’s Open Enrollment Season!

It’s open enrollment season, and kynect is back to help Kentuckians find affordable healthcare plans! Kynect is Kentucky’s state-based healthcare and family support marketplace, where Kentuckians can browse for affordable health insurance plans and apply for family support programs, such as child care, health care, and food assistance. Medicaid and the Kentucky Children’s Health Insurance Program (KCHIP) provide free or low-cost health coverage to low-income Kentucky families, pregnant women, and children in foster care. This coverage provides [...]

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November 1st is National Brush Day!

National Brush Day is observed in the United States on November 1, the day after Halloween, to reinforce the importance of children's oral health and promote good tooth-brushing habits recommended by dental experts. This year’s theme is “Make National Brush Day a Family Affair”!  How will you celebrate? Say goodbye to excess sugar and cavities by donating your extra Halloween candy. Many dentists’ offices, doctors’ offices, and even schools and gyms will take donations of [...]

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Celebrating Dental Hygienists!

KOHC is committed to recognizing the important role dental hygienists play within the dental team and community. As we wrap up National Dental Hygiene Month, we are highlighting two resilient Kentucky hygienists. Enjoy reading why these dental hygienists chose their profession, the challenges presented and their hopes for the future in the following interviews. Pam Barnes - RDH and Kentucky Oral Health Coalition Member Why did you become a dental hygienist? “I wanted to help [...]

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Efforts to “Nix the Next” Generation from Becoming Addicted to Nicotine

Building strong families and communities is the key to unlocking the potential of our next generation. Unfortunately, Kentucky has the second highest percentage of adult smokers and is among the highest in the nation for youth who use tobacco products, including e-cigarettes and vapes. Those who use tobacco products experience negative impacts to their oral health and overall health. We know that investing in prevention and cessation is an important step to reduce these rates, [...]

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Now is the Time to See Your Dentist!

As we continue our recognition of National Dental Hygiene Month, we are highlighting the ways that everyone can take care of their dental hygiene at home and the dental office. Taking care of your teeth starts at home with your everyday routine – so be sure to include dental hygiene practices each day including: Brushing your teeth for 2 minutes, twice a day. Flossing your teeth once a day. Limiting sugary drinks and choosing fluoridated [...]

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Integrating Oral Health into Healthcare Settings

As we enter week two of Dental Hygiene Month, KOHC is highlighting the importance of treating the whole person. And, to treat the whole person, our health system needs to recognize and bridge the silos between medical care and dental care. We know there is a strong connection between good oral health and overall health. The mouth acts as a gateway to the rest of the body and can be an indicator for other health [...]

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October is Dental Hygiene Month!

As we move into fall, pumpkins and ghosts are popping up everywhere, but there’s more to celebrate in October than just Halloween. KOHC is excited to take part in recognizing October as National Dental Hygiene Month. This month is an opportunity to promote good dental hygiene for individuals of all ages and recognize the important role that dental hygienists play as part of the health team and community.   KOHC is celebrating National Dental Hygiene [...]

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Act Now to Ensure Medicare Dental Benefits

KOHC believes that everyone deserves to have access to the oral health care that they need. However, many adults do not have dental benefits, including those on Medicare – the federal insurance program for individuals with a disability or over age 65. Right now, legislation is moving forward in the House and being negotiated in the Senate to provide funding for a dental benefit to those on Medicare Part B, but we need your support! [...]

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