Now is the Time to Schedule Your Back-to-School Dental Screening

The carefree, “lazy days of summer” are in full bloom with outdoor activities and enjoyable time with family and friends. Still, there may be a fleeting thought creeping into our summer solace of how quickly the days fly by. Some may choose to utilize a few of the extra hours of daylight to get a jump-start on the “to do” list for entering school.   If you have a child entering kindergarten for the 2022-23 school [...]

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The Connection Between Oral Health and Mental Health

We know there is a strong connection between good oral health and overall health, but one aspect of wellbeing that is less often associated with oral health is mental health. There is growing research that demonstrates the connection between a healthy mouth and a health mind, and vice versa. Oral health is closely tied to mental health in a number of ways, including the impact that mental health disorders can have on oral health. Those [...]

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KOHC June Meeting Recap

Kentucky Oral Health Coalition members and oral health stakeholders from across the state convened virtually for the Madisonville Regional Oral Health Summit on Friday, June 10th. KOHC kicked off the meeting by sharing information about the Coalition, our 2023 policy agenda, recent projects, and our 2022 - 2023 membership drive. Alicia Whatley, Policy and Advocacy Director with Kentucky Youth Advocates, shared several recent projects from the Coalition including: Updates, protocols, and resources related to the COVID-19 [...]

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SOS! Summer Oral Health Safety!

As we celebrate the official arrival of summer, the Kentucky Oral Health Coalition offers tips for practicing good oral health throughout the lazy days of summer.  Beautiful weather signals the arrival of plentiful summer sports. Summer oral health safety plays an important role in the enjoyment of these activities. About a quarter of all pediatric dental injuries can be attributed to sports accidents, according to the American Academy of Pediatric Dentistry.  Sports Safety Tips Gain [...]

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Celebrate Oral Health Month with KOHC!

As we look forward to all the fun summer activities in June, KOHC is celebrating Oral Health Month and highlighting the importance of treating the whole person. Caring for our oral health means more than simply brushing and flossing your teeth – an important part! – it also means caring for your entire mouth, including your gums, by getting regular check-ups and screenings, and making healthy food and drink choices. In addition, oral health means [...]

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Grow with us! Become a member of the Kentucky Oral Health Coalition.

As voted on by KOHC members at our December Annual Meeting, KOHC now offers 6 membership levels, including a new small business membership. Memberships are good for one year and are renewed in July. Also, KOHC is excited to offer new or renewing organizational members the ability to specify named members with their dues.                Review the NEW membership levels, benefits, and descriptions below. Additionally, KOHC provides a revised, user-friendly membership form to accommodate the [...]

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Guest Blog: The Importance of School-Based Oral Health Programs – And What to Remember Heading into Summer

Cathy Mills, School Based Health Coordinator at Shawnee Health Center and Leah Smothers, Floss and Gloss Program Manager at Purchase District Health Department – Guest Contributors   Poor oral health is something that most people never consider as they think of their overall health, when in fact it can be detrimental to all aspects of their lives. This is especially true for children. Lack of oral health care can affect the life of a child in [...]

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Join KOHC in Recognizing National Foster Care Awareness Month

May is National Foster Care Awareness Month, a time to acknowledge the 463,000 children and youth nationally in foster care and the family members, foster parents, volunteers, mentors, child welfare professionals, and policymakers who help them find permanent homes and connections. It is also a time to join forces and renew our commitment to ensuring a bright future for the over 8,800 Kentucky children in Out of Home Care (OOHC). Kentucky’s youth in foster care are a [...]

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May is Dental Care Month!

As we begin a new month and look forward to summer, KOHC is taking time to celebrate National Dental Care Month in May. This month-long celebration is a chance to build awareness about the importance of preventive dental care for individuals of all ages. The past two years have brought many changes in routine that affect dental care practices and oral health professionals are starting to see the impacts of these changes – including increased [...]

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KOHC Public Comments on Proposed Regulation 201 KAR 8:600 – Mobile Dental Facilities and Portable Dental Units

The Kentucky Oral Health Coalition (KOHC) is a statewide coalition of over 450 members and oral health stakeholders from every region of the Commonwealth. Membership includes dentists, dental hygienists, health professionals, family resource center coordinators, universities, managed care companies, business corporations, government entities, teachers, parents, educators, social workers, public health departments, community health advocates and many others. On behalf of  KOHC, we are writing this letter in response to the proposed regulation 201 KAR 8:600 [...]

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