Essential Oral Health Care for Seniors

There is nothing quite like the love of a grandparent! They give great hugs, are enthusiastic storytellers, and are eager to lend an ear. September is the month we celebrate grandparents and let them know they are appreciated with abundance! It is also an opportune time to talk about the importance of older adult oral health education and the benefits of maintaining good oral health habits from the age of 65 and beyond.  By 2060, [...]

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The Effects of Vaping on Oral Health

What’s new among the growing number of reasons to quit vaping? Your oral health. New research highlights the negative effect of vaping on oral health. Recent studies indicate that the impacts of vaping begin right when the toxins enter in the mouth. Dentists are concerned about the long-term effects that e-cigarette use can have on oral health, as they report seeing dental issues such as gum disease in younger patients. Vaping can also cause additional [...]

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Kindergarten Dental Screening

It’s almost back to school time! Back to school has always been one of my favorite times of the year. I confess I am a school supply hoarder. I love the smell, the textures, and the hope that new school supplies inspire. The beginning of the school year is a chance at a new beginning. Many children will celebrate a new beginning milestone this year and attend their first day of kindergarten. Parents and caregivers [...]

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Utilizing Expanded Access Services in the New School Year

As we move through the summer months and families begin preparing for back-to-school, many questions and answers still remain. What we do know is that this upcoming school year will bring new challenges, experiences, and opportunities for Kentucky students. One opportunity Kentucky schools can leverage is utilizing the Expanded Access Services program to recognize and address the social and emotional supports students need as they begin the new school year. During the 2019-2020 school year, the Cabinet [...]

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COVID-19 Update from KOHC

This page will be updated as more information becomes available.  During this uncertain time, KOHC is dedicated to monitoring the latest updates and recommendations from the CDC, the Kentucky Department for Public Health, Governor Beshear, and key oral health organizations state and nationwide. We will continue to share information and engage the oral health community. We encourage you all to take steps to ensure your own safety and that of your loved ones, and the [...]

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A Message from KOHC on Equity

Kentucky Oral Health Coalition is adamant when we assert our mission to improve the oral health of all people of Kentucky. And yet, we know that there are historic racial and systemic challenges in place for us to achieve that mission. Our mission is rooted in the pursuit of equity, including addressing oral health disparities by promoting best practices in oral health, engaging local and state-level community members, and advocating for effective policies to improve [...]

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 Acknowledging the Year’s Achievements During Oral Health Month 

  The Kentucky Oral Health Coalition is proud of our accomplishments this past year. As we prepare for the annual KOHC June membership drive during Oral Health Month it seems fitting to reflect on achievements in the 2019-2020 membership year.  Starting off the membership year, KOHC collected responses to a short survey during Summer 2019 to determine dental professionals’ knowledge around child abuse and neglect. View survey findings here. Last fall former Governor Bevin, Mayor [...]

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Thank You: Wins for Oral Health in the 2020 General Assembly

One of the core functions of KOHC is advocating for policies and budget priorities that are good for oral health in Kentucky. During the 2020 legislative session, KOHC had several wins to celebrate among our policy and budget priorities. Senate Bill 45 – strengthen licensed child care program standards on healthy eating and drinking, active play, and screen time. Senate Bill 56 – ensure Kentucky complies with the federal minimum legal sale age for all tobacco products [...]

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What to Expect as Dental Offices Reopen

Dental offices in Kentucky are preparing to reopen for non-emergent care following Governor Beshear’s executive order on April 27th. This order does not require any dental office to reopen and encourages offices to take their time to ensure they can meet the safety requirements before scheduling non-emergent patient care. Changes to dental offices around the state may bring uncertainty on how to prepare for dental visits. KOHC along with Kentucky Dental Association and Kentucky Dental [...]

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Celebrating National Dental Care Month

As we head into the second half of May, we hope everyone takes time to recognize and celebrate National Dental Care Month. This month-long celebration is a chance for oral health professionals, parents, teachers, advocates, and community members to build awareness about the importance of preventive dental care for individuals of all ages. Key factors of maintaining good overall health throughout our childhood and adulthood include establishing positive oral hygiene habits and receiving routine dental [...]

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