Pediatric Abusive Head Trauma Prevention & Recognition VIRTUAL Training for Oral Health Professionals

Register for a FREE virtual training on Pediatric Abusive Head Trauma specialized for Oral Health Professionals on Friday, Oct 7, 10 AM - 12 PM ET with Carla Hay, MSN, RN, SANE. Free CEUs are available for dentists and dental hygienists. Already taken this training? We are partnering with Delta Dental of Kentucky to develop the next level training to build on your knowledge.  We want to hear from you about your training interests and [...]

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Oral Health Implications from the 2022 Kids Count Data Book

Each year, the Kids Count Data Book is published by Annie E. Casey Foundation, allowing us to compare how our youth are faring compared to other children nationwide. This year, some specific areas of interest were highlighted, including the mental health of our youth. The spotlight on youth mental health has only brightened in recent years, with increasing concern around the pandemic’s impacts on anxiety and depression.  The rise in concerns around youth mental health [...]

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August is National Breastfeeding Month

August is National Breastfeeding Month, an opportunity to learn about the benefits of breastfeeding and how to keep mom and baby healthy. Breastfeeding is recommended for new mothers to feed their babies in the early weeks and months of their baby’s life but can be continued for more than one year along with other foods. Breastfeeding offers many benefits including increasing immunity to illness, antibodies passed from mother to baby, and decreased risk of diseases [...]

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Addressing Whole Person Health Through Medical-Dental Integration

KOHC has been a longtime advocate for a more integrated approach to medical and dental care because we know there is a strong connection between good oral health and overall health. Integrating dental and medical care can improve health outcomes as tooth decay has been linked to diabetes, cardiovascular disease, and other adverse medical conditions. Finding ways to pair medical and dental care for patients can improve overall health outcomes and may look different across [...]

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Oral Health Progress and Equity Network Defines Oral Health Priorities

  Last week, KOHC attended the Oral Health Progress and Equity Network (OPEN) mid-year meeting. OPEN is a national network of over 2,200 members taking on America’s oral health challenges so that everyone has an equitable chance to thrive. Over the last decade, OPEN has emerged from a nationwide conversation among policymakers, providers, public health activists, and grassroots organizers who understand that today’s system of health care isn’t working for everyone’s overall health and well-being. [...]

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Support Veteran Oral Health

There is a growing body of research that indicates oral health should be taken seriously as a determinant of overall health. The mouth is a window to the body, one of your best defenses against bacterial infections, with its hygiene linked to diseases such as heart disease and pneumonia. Prioritizing oral health is especially vital in populations with other exacerbating illnesses.    Veterans are an at-risk population, with high rates of diabetes and heart disease, [...]

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Kentucky General Assembly Bills Impacting Oral Health Professionals

KOHC members and oral health stakeholders from across the state followed along and joined us in advocating for the 2022 KOHC policy and budget priorities throughout the legislative session. These critical efforts paid off with legislative wins for oral health and overall health and positive investments in the state budget.   A number of bills were passed during the legislative session that impact oral health professionals throughout the Commonwealth. The following items have already taken effect, [...]

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Now is the Time to Schedule Your Back-to-School Dental Screening

The carefree, “lazy days of summer” are in full bloom with outdoor activities and enjoyable time with family and friends. Still, there may be a fleeting thought creeping into our summer solace of how quickly the days fly by. Some may choose to utilize a few of the extra hours of daylight to get a jump-start on the “to do” list for entering school.   If you have a child entering kindergarten for the 2022-23 school [...]

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The Connection Between Oral Health and Mental Health

We know there is a strong connection between good oral health and overall health, but one aspect of wellbeing that is less often associated with oral health is mental health. There is growing research that demonstrates the connection between a healthy mouth and a health mind, and vice versa. Oral health is closely tied to mental health in a number of ways, including the impact that mental health disorders can have on oral health. Those [...]

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KOHC June Meeting Recap

Kentucky Oral Health Coalition members and oral health stakeholders from across the state convened virtually for the Madisonville Regional Oral Health Summit on Friday, June 10th. KOHC kicked off the meeting by sharing information about the Coalition, our 2023 policy agenda, recent projects, and our 2022 - 2023 membership drive. Alicia Whatley, Policy and Advocacy Director with Kentucky Youth Advocates, shared several recent projects from the Coalition including: Updates, protocols, and resources related to the COVID-19 [...]

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