Dental offices in Kentucky are preparing to reopen for non-emergent care following Governor Beshear’s executive order on April 27th. This order does not require any dental office to reopen and encourages offices to take their time to ensure they can meet the safety requirements before scheduling non-emergent patient care. Changes to dental offices around the state may bring uncertainty on how to prepare for dental visits. KOHC along with Kentucky Dental Association and Kentucky Dental Hygienist Association are releasing an infographic to support individuals, parents, and caregivers as they return to dental offices in their communities in the coming days and weeks ahead.

It is important to remember that each dental office has their own mission and each dental office will look different as they begin to reopen. The changes implemented in dental offices throughout the state will be based on the professional judgment of the dentist and dental team in each office. If you have questions about the changes and procedures listed, please contact your dental office.

Download Infographic (pdf)