There are 43 state-based oral health coalitions in the U.S. Not every state has the support of a state-based coalition, fortunately Kentucky is home to the Kentucky Oral Health Coalition (KOHC). Residents of Kentucky can be confident that KOHC is a dedicated advocate in the pursuit of lifelong oral health for everyone. In 2010, KOHC formulated a vision to engage partners across the state and formed a collaborative oral health campaign designed to educate parents, activate policy makers, and inspire health professionals that continues today.

 Top 3 Reasons to Celebrate the Kentucky Oral Health Coalition

    • Advocating for policies and budget priorities that are good for oral health in Kentucky is one of the core functions of KOHC. We hope to influence systemic change to improve oral health access, literacy, and outcomes.
    • KOHC is a collaborative network of diverse partners from across the state working together to improve oral health for all people of Kentucky.
    • Learn more about reasons to be a member below, and if you are already a member, learn about opportunities to be an active member of the coalition. 
      • Be part of a collective voice of dentists, dental hygienists, nurses, educators, health department leaders, and others to gather and make a true impact on oral health in Kentucky
      • Network and collaborate with diverse professional agencies and organizations at meetings and other related events
      • Vote on decisions including policy priorities, election of officers, and other coalition related decisions
      • Learn about and engage with leading oral health stakeholders within Kentucky and across the country by attending quarterly and annual meetings.
      • Receive Continuing Education Units (CEU) credits by attending quarterly and annual meetings
      • Receive individual recognition and organizational visibility on appropriate KOHC media, social media channels, and website

As the new year approaches it seems fitting to acknowledge the achievements of KOHC in the past year. The Kentucky Oral Health Coalition operates with the notion that it takes a collaborative network of engaged partners from across the state to meet the core mission – to improve oral health for all people of Kentucky. KOHC relies on memberships to sustain this important work. Renew or become a member today!


Photo provided by Upsplash