Last week, KOHC attended the Oral Health Progress and Equity Network (OPEN) mid-year meeting. OPEN is a national network of over 2,200 members taking on America’s oral health challenges so that everyone has an equitable chance to thrive. Over the last decade, OPEN has emerged from a nationwide conversation among policymakers, providers, public health activists, and grassroots organizers who understand that today’s system of health care isn’t working for everyone’s overall health and well-being.

This year, OPEN has worked on rebuilding a common agenda for oral health and health equity advancement. This issue blueprint outlines the goals and action areas that the OPEN network will focus on over the next 5 years. Five levers of change have been identified to guide the network’s work:

  1. Amplify consumer voices
  2. Advance oral health policy
  3. Integrate dental and medical
  4. Emphasize prevention
  5. Bring care to people

OPEN’s network approach creates space for oral health stakeholders from across the country to come together and work collaboratively to achieve shared goals in oral health and advance health equity. As part of the OPEN network, KOHC encourages oral health stakeholders across the Commonwealth to join OPEN and be part of this collective voice. OPEN offers various opportunities to engage with the network through work teams, webinars, an online community, in-person gatherings, and more.

Join the OPEN network today!