Oral Health Literacy Work group meeting notes

May 13, 2013


Laura Hancock Jones

Julie McKee

Mike Mansfield

Lee Mayer

Christy Ray

Donna Ruley

Tara Grieshop-Goodwin

Mahak Kalra



Laura Hancock Jones began the meeting and shared that Tara Grieshop-Goodwin and Mahak Kalra were attending a Dentaquest Foundation meeting for the oral health literacy grant just received.

  • Overview of Dentaquest Grant:
    • The Kentucky Oral Health Coalition’s Oral Health 2014 project aims to increase oral health literacy across the state of Kentucky.
  • Goal 1 – Strengthen stakeholder engagement in the project

A first step will be to invite new partners to engage with the current Oral Health Literacy workgroup. Everyone was encouraged to submit names for others to invite to participate. An online document will be shared to gather names, and ideas were requested by Friday.

  • Goal 2 – Understand oral health literacy landscape including successes, gaps and opportunities
    • Our first major step involves gaining an understanding of the current oral health literacy initiatives across the state.

Survey health providers across the state to understand how they view oral health literacy in the state and what they think would improve it. Input from work group members will be sought as the survey is developed, and members are welcome to send ideas.

We will also conduct focus groups in various regions of the state. Coalition members and local oral health coalitions will be especially helpful here in helping identify participants.

In addition to collecting information on oral health literacy in our own state, we plan to research best practices and initiatives from across the nation that are working well and could be implemented in Kentucky.

    • We will take all of this information and summarize in a report. We can use this report as a guiding document to help the coalition develop a strategic plan for improving oral health literacy.
  • Goal 3 – Determine oral health literacy implementation focus
    • The next phase of our project will be to develop an implementation focus, guided by the research conducted. Work group members will be critical partners in that work to prioritize potential implementation projects and develop an implementation plan.
  • Goal 4 – Develop a plan to address the determined oral health literacy focus of implementation project
    • Our final step in the planning process will be to develop an implementation plan for the priorities we determine.

KOHC Annual Meeting update

  • The meeting will take place at the Foundation for a Healthy Kentucky and you can find the specifics on the coalition website

Will have Marcy Frosh from CDHD to discuss Policy Tool in the morning and have our business meeting in the afternoon.

  • Participants were encouraged to also send additional ideas of stakeholders to invite to the coalition’s annual meeting in July.
  • Madisonville Summit information
    • More information available on coalition website

Johnson & Johnson will be there the evening before the summit to share oral health literacy materials geared towards head start families. All are welcome to join.

Meeting schedule

Date for next meeting: After gathering additional ideas for people to involve in the oral health literacy work group, we will send out a poll to pick a time that is convenient for work team members.