Selecting a School-Based Oral Health Care Program: 23 Key Questions and Answers for School Staff

Oral health care delivery in the school setting is gaining traction in Kentucky as demand for services grows and access to providers in Kentucky is not readily available for every child. Oral health literacy programs are creating an awareness of the importance of treatment of oral health needs among families. There is also an increased awareness among education professionals about the link between health of students and educational outcomes. School administrators and school nurses are looking to address the needs of the students by bringing oral health services to the school. They are doing this in a variety of ways. This document is designed to help guide schools in choosing the type of oral health program that will best meet the needs of their students.

This list of questions provides guidance for school administrators who are considering oral health services or who are approached by a company marketing such services. Programs can vary widely and specifics often can only be gained through direct contact with the program.

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