Kentucky Oral Health Coalition is celebrating Nutrition Month during March to promote healthy eating habits and raise awareness about the importance of proper nutrition. Nutrition plays a crucial role in maintaining overall health, including oral health. Poor nutrition can lead to a variety of oral health problems, including tooth decay, gum disease, and bad breath. In addition to the foods they eat, what children drink can also have a significant impact on their teeth. The drink pyramid is a visual representation of the recommended daily intake of different types of drinks for children. This tool is designed to help parents make informed decisions about their child’s beverage choices and encourage them to drink more water. 

  • At the base of the drink pyramid is water. Water is essential for our bodies and is the best drink for our teeth. It helps rinse away food particles and bacteria that can cause tooth decay. Experts recommend that children drink water throughout the day and limit their consumption of sugary drinks.
  • Above water on the drink pyramid is milk. Milk is a rich source of calcium which is needed for growing and building strong bones and teeth. However, it is still important to drink it in moderation. Experts recommend that children drink milk with meals.
  • Above milk on the drink pyramid is 100% fruit juices. Although juice can provide important nutrients like vitamin C, it often contains high amounts of sugar. Experts recommend that children limit their intake of fruit juice to no more than one 4-ounce serving per day.
  • At the top of the drink pyramid are sugary drinks like soda, sweet tea, and energy drinks. These drinks provide little to no nutritional value and are often high in calories and sugar. They can also be very damaging to teeth, leading to tooth decay and cavities. Experts recommend that children avoid sugary drinks as much as possible. The drink pyramid offers an easy way to remember – pop (or other sugary drinks) only at parties, or other special occasions.  


We know that nutrition plays a big role in oral health and making healthy food and beverage choices is critical to achieving optimal oral health. Join KOHC throughout the month of March in celebrating Nutrition Month and promoting healthy choices!