School Based Oral Health Work Group meeting minutes

April 29, 2013

 4-5 PM Eastern


  1. Laura Hancock Jones- UK Dental Outreach Program in Western KY, KOHC Chair
  2. Linda Poynter- Northern KY Health Department, N. KY. Oral Health Program, KOHC Vice Chair
  3. Beth Lange- Newport Independent Schools, Newport Intermediate FRC Coordinator
  4. Mandy Ashley- Sky Pediatric Dentistry, Pediatric Dentist
  5. Kelley Dearing Smith- Louisville Water/Smile Kentucky
  6. Julie McKee- Kentucky Department of Public Health ,State Dental Health Director
  7. Ashley Spotila- Coventry Cares of Kentucky, Outreach Coordinator
  8. Susan Rostov- Kentucky Society of Oral and Maxillofacial Surgeons, Executive Director
  9. Mike Mansfield- U of L School of Dentistry
  10.  Tara Grieshop Goodwin- Kentucky Youth Advocates
  11. Mahak Kalra- Kentucky Youth Advocates


  • Grant Update

    • We have learned that we received the grant to focus on oral health literacy from the Dentaquest Foundation!
    • Those who are interested, please attend our oral health literacy work team on May 13th.
  • KOHC Annual Oral Health Meeting Ideas

    • SAVE THE DATE: JULY 26th we will have our KOHC Annual Oral health meeting.
    • We are looking into using the Foundation for a Healthy Kentucky new facility in Louisville as our meeting location.
    • Marcy Frosh from Children’s Dental Health Project is willing to come to discuss their policy tool.
    • If you have any ideas on who to invite, please send the organization’s contact information to Tara or myself!
  • Update on uniform standards for public health dental hygienists

    • Lots of concerns from the Board of Dentistry as protocols are being developed.
    • This will be a topic for discussion at the May 11th board meeting.
    • Kentucky Spirit is not paying nurses.
    • Public Health dental hygienists are getting payment through their salary but the billing is done through a dental provider.
    • As a coalition, we need to be proactive!
      •  We need to identify people who can be advocates for this.
  • Update on Mobile Dental Clinics

    • Kentucky Board of Dentistry is okay with mobile clinics as long as clinics are providing treatment.
    • Mobile health units must be licensed to treat in Kentucky.
    • Laura mentioned having providing information on the quality of various mobile dental clinics
      • Laura has materials from Massachusetts about the work they do.
      • As a coalition we can possibly create materials to address what services to look for, tips, and questions to ask to share with schools, parents and providers.
      • Susan can check with oral surgeons in her office to see if they have questions.
    • It’s important to establish a dental home to improve abandonment of care.
  • 2013 National School-Based Health Care Convention is June 23-26 in Washington, D.C.