KOHC Oral Health Literacy Workgroup Call Minutes

November 12, 2012

5pm EST


  1. Andrea Bennett, Kentucky Youth Advocates, KOHC staff support
  2. Bill Betz, Pikeville College
  3. Christy Ray, Louisville Water and Smile Kentucky
  4. Donna Ruley, KOHC Secretary, KY Hygienists’ Association
  5. Jim Cecil, KYA Consultant
  6. Julie McKee, KY Oral Health Program
  7. Kelly Dearing Smith, Louisville Water
  8. Laura Hancock Jones, KOHC Chair, Western Kentucky Regional Dental Coalition
  9. Lee Mayer, KOHC Treasurer, University of Louisville
  10. Mike Mansfield, University of Louisville


  • Attendees provided brief background on what they bring to the table in regards to oral health literacy.
  • Dr. Mayer and Dr. Mansfield led the discussion about securing a spokesperson for the coalition and raise awareness of oral health.
    • Discussed a multilayer communications approach including billboards, events, public service announcements, etc.
    • Discussed how to execute a marketing plan. KYA could work with a firm to get this off the ground once a spokesperson is confirmed using marketing budget in the grant funds.
    • Discussed potential spokesperson ideas and determined that Dr. Mansfield is going to reach out to Jennifer Lawrence for an initial contact as the initial celebrity champion possibility
    • Determined workgroup members will send talking points of expectations for a celebrity champion to Andrea by the end of next week for her to compile and send out to the group.
  • Emphasized that the coalition doesn’t need to reinvent the wheel as there is already a lot of great curriculum and messages in the state. The coalition should help draw attention to things already working and help expand those efforts
  • Discussed the need to have Headstart and school partners on this and continue to engage regional and local oral health coalitions in the statewide coalition.
  • Discussed the need to narrow target audiences for the group to be most effective.
  • Determined that Facebook, Twitter, and social media will be key in delivering messages. The coalition needs to be consistent in delivering messages.
  • Discussed new KOHC website and the ability to use it as a clearinghouse of oral health resources. The KOHC workgroup and officers will determine what resources to put up to avoid conflict of interests. Will promote the website to current members and to recruit new members. www.kyoralhealthcoalition.org
  • The group discussed how to be involved with Children’s Advocacy Day on February 7 as a way to introduce legislators to the coalition. Possibly have a brochure completed by CAD that can be distributed. Brochure will include priorities, oral health education, stats, etc. Andrea will check on possibilities of coordinating with CAD and will get back to the group on this.
  • Next workgroup meeting will be Monday, January 7 at 4pm Eastern.