12:30-2:30pm Eastern
Capitol Plaza Hotel
Frankfort, Kentucky

Meeting Goals:

  • Provide an overview of the history, planning year, and future of the Kentucky Oral Health Coalition.
  • Provide information on how to become members of the coalition.
  • Engage attendees on relevant oral health issues including Medicaid managed care.

Materials Distributed

  1. Operating principles
  2. Draft bylaws
  3.  Draft policy priorities
  4.  List of steering committee members
  5.  Kids count books
  6.  Membership form


  • Andrea Plummer, Senior Policy Analyst at Kentucky Youth Advocates (KYA) provided welcome and overview of goals for the meeting.
  • Dr. Jim Cecil, Consultant with KYA provided a history of the Kentucky Oral Health Coalition which began in 1990 as a collaborative effort between the University of Louisville School of Dentistry and University of Kentucky Collage of Dentistry. It has been inactive for several years.
  • Lacey McNary, Deputy Director at KYA discussed efforts KYA took to prepare to re-launch the Kentucky Oral Health Coalition.
    • KYA received a grant from the Dentaquest Foundation to revitalize the Kentucky Oral Health Coalition. KYA will provide staff support for this coalition but decisions on direction and priorities will be made by members.
    • During 2011, KYA brought Dr. Jim Cecil on as a Consultant for the project and recruited a diverse steering committee to get the process underway. The committee elected a Chairperson for the committee, Dr. Jim Cecil, and a Co-Chairperson, Ms. Linda Grace Piker, to be the official spokespeople for the committee. Interested steering committee members now serve as and advisory board of the coalition. The steering committee adopted operating principals for the coalition, prepared draft bylaws, drafted potential priorities, determined initial membership process, and participated in stakeholder interviews.
    • KYA wrote an oral health essay which is included in the 2011 Kids Count Book. KYA conducted over 20 stakeholder interviews with people all over the state to write the essay which includes the state of oral health in Kentucky, identifies barriers and offers recommendations to improve oral health in the Commonwealth.
  • Andrea Plummer provided an overview of the next steps of the Kentucky Oral Health Coalition.
    • The Kentucky Oral Health Coalition will focus on the populations members decide are a priority (not limited to children’s issues).
    • The coalition aims to support the 25 local oral health coalitions already operating in Kentucky.
    • The steering committee determined the initial types of memberships and process of becoming members. This can be changed if the members choose to do so later.
    • This is just the initial meeting. There will be an official members meeting planned for summer 2012. At this meeting, members will elect officers, vote on coalition priorities, and adopt bylaws.
    • Once officers are elected, they will lead the meetings with KYA staff support.
    • During Q&A, the suggestion was made to add another category of organizational membership – Government/Quasi-governmental Organization with annual dues of $100.
  • Attendees engaged in roundtable discussions on ideas for the Kentucky Oral Health Coalition priorities.
    • Report outs included:
    • Expanding the scope of practice for dental professionals
    • Concerns related to Medicaid managed care
    • Importance of oral health education and awareness
  • Lacey McNary facilitated a panel on Medicaid managed care.
    Panelists included: Andrea Plummer – KYA, Jason Baird – Baird Government Solutions, and Mike Porter, Kentucky Dental Association

    • Major themes included:
    • Concerns of dentists dropping out of the Medicaid program
    • Concerns of accessible Medicaid dental providers
    • Expanding the scope of practice for dental professionals
    • Concerns related to choice (i.e. Medicaid members may not have a provider in their area who accepts their managed care plan)
    • Concerns related to payment of claims for providers
  • Andrea Plummer provided closing remarks, encouraged people to sign on as members, informed attendees that more information would be coming through email including next meeting details.