Metro United Way, Louisville, Kentucky

KOHC Individual and Student Members Present:

  1. Christy Ray
  2.  Debbie Bell
  3.  Deonna M. Williams, Student Member
  4.  Diana Leathers
  5.  Donna Ruley
  6.  Jim Cecil
  7.  Julie McKee
  8.  Laura Hancock Jones
  9.  Lee Mayer
  10.  Linda Poynter
  11.  Melissa Dalhover
  12.  Melissa Murray
  13.  Michael Mansfield
  14.  Pamela Tate
  15.  Sara Womack
  16.  Stephanie Poynter

KOHC Organizational Members Present:

  1.  Barren River District Health Department – Stacy Trowbridge, Emily Schlafke, Angie Smith
  2.  Coventry Cares – Mina Schelling
  3.  Family Health Centers Inc. – Stephanie Poynter
  4.  Kentucky Dental Hygienists’ Association – Donna Ruley
  5.  Kentucky Society of Oral and Maxillofacial Surgeons – Susan Rostov
  6.  Passport Health Plan – Laura Hufnagle
  7.  University of Louisville School of Dentistry – Dean John Sauk

Others Present:

  1.  Allison DeZarn, Louisville Metro Health Department
  2.  Amy Wilson, Kentucky Health News
  3.  Barb Gordon, KIPDA
  4.  Beth Lange, Newport Independent Schools
  5.  Michelle Faeth, Seventh & Hill Family Dental Center
  6.  Sue Johnson, KIPDA Area Agency on Aging

KOHC Members NOT Present:

  1.  Andrea Adams
  2.  Beth Womack
  3.  Debra Poe
  4.  Edwin Smith
  5.  Jamie Young
  6.  Jonathon Rich
  7.  Kelley Dearing Smith
  8.  Kevin Wall
  9.  Leon Mooneyhan
  10.  Loretta Maldaner
  11.  Lynne Saddler
  12.  Mary Beth Lange
  13. Raynor Mullins
  14. Sandra Martin
  15. Tina Knopp
  16. William Betz, DO, MBA
  17. Sandra Maciuba, Student Member
  18. Mandy Blackburn-Muncy, Student Member
  19. Kentucky Beverage Association, Organizational Member
  20. Kentucky Primary Care Association, Organizational Member

Kentucky Youth Advocates Staff Support Present:

  1. Andrea Bennett
  2. Jim Cecil
  3. Lacey McNary

Meeting Notes

  • Andrea Bennett from Kentucky Youth Advocates provided a brief welcome and overview of the meeting.
  • The Coalition members voted to adopt the draft bylaws for the Kentucky Oral Health Coalition. There were no opposing votes.
  • The Coalition members elected officers of the Kentucky Oral Health Coalition using open nominations and secret ballot voting. All votes for the officers were unanimous.
    • The new officers are:
    • Chair – Dr. Laura Hancock Jones
    • Vice Chair – Linda Poynter
    • Treasurer – Dr. Lee Mayer
    • Secretary – Donna Ruley
  • Dr. Mansfield, KOHC member, from the University of Louisville School of Dentistry gave a presentation concerning the possibility of securing a celebrity champion to speak out on oral health as part of the coalition activities. The group discussed the following celebrity champions to consider as this discussion continues in the future:
    • Jennifer Lawrence
    • Josh Hutcherson
    • Ashley Judd and her husband
    • Johnny Depp
    • George Clooney
    • The group also discussed the importance of considering diverse figures to appeal to different age groups and cultures.
  • The coalition members used an electronic voting system to vote on coalition priorities for the next year. The members voted on the following 8 potential priorities for importance and feasibility:
    1. Improve oral health literacy/education
    2. Integrate oral health care into overall health care
    3. Increase the number of dentists accepting Medicaid
    4. Expand school-based oral health services including head start and child care settings
    5. Elder care advocacy (i.e. in house oral health specialist, mobile dental services)
    6. Improve state and county level oral health data collection
    7. Expand the scope of practice for dental professionals
    8. Monitor Medicaid managed care
  • The top 3 priorities for KOHC which resulted from the voting are:
    1. Improve oral health literacy/education
    2. Expand school-based oral health services including head start and child care settings
    3. Increase the number of dentists accepting Medicaid
  • The newly elected officers met following the coalition meeting and discussed several items. One point of decision was around the creation of three work-groups – one for each determined coalition priority. Coalition members will be asked via survey to select which work-group they would like to be involved with.