KOHC members and stakeholders can enjoy various perks throughout the year by engaging with the Coalition, including attending our quarterly and annual meetings and receiving continued education credits for your attendance. But even between meetings, there are ways members can stay engaged and contribute to the Coalition’s initiatives. Check out these five ways to get involved right now:

  1. Help grow the Coalition by recruiting new members to join. KOHC is a multi-sector group including dentists, dental hygienists, health professionals, family resource center coordinators, universities, managed care companies, business corporations, government entities, teachers, parents, educators, social workers, public health departments, community health advocates and many others. Invite individuals and organizations within your community to join our network. Don’t forget your current membership will end in July.
  2. Contribute content for our website, email blasts, or social media platforms. KOHC accepts guest blogs and is happy to highlight oral health work, news, or spotlights. If you have something to share or expertise on a specific oral health related topic, reach out to us about drafting content for one of our channels.
  3. Help develop our policy agenda for 2022. KOHC is already thinking about the upcoming 2022 legislative session and gathering our oral health priorities. Contact us if you have ideas for oral health policy or state budget priorities that the Coalition should consider.
  4. Let us know about upcoming events you are hosting. The Coalition wants to continue to build our network by engaging with groups across the state. If you have an upcoming event that you want us to promote or attend, let us know!
  5. Stay up to date on the latest oral health news and resources. Be sure to follow along with our blog, follow KOHC and like our posts on Facebook and Twitter, and subscribe to our monthly email blasts.


As a collaborative, statewide group of dedicated individuals and organizations committed to improving oral health for all Kentuckians, KOHC encourages engagement and feedback from our members and stakeholders. To contact us, visit our website or reach out directly to a staff member via email. Below you will find a list of KOHC support staff and email addresses.

  • Tammy Donoho, tdonoho@kyyouth.org
  • Mahak Kalra, mkalra@kyyouth.org
  • Alicia Whatley, awhatley@kyyouth.org