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The Kentucky Oral Health Coalition would like to invite you to it’s school based oral health convening on Wednesday, July 15 at the Foundation for a Healthy Kentucky office in Louisville. Kentucky Oral Health Coalition (KOHC) is comprised of members throughout the state representing public health dentistry, private practice dental, FRYSCs and school nurses, KY board of education, social service agencies and dental schools. The mission of the KOHC is to improve the oral health of all people in Kentucky.

Our focus is on bringing oral health services to the schools for those in need, assisting schools with the completion of the Kentucky Dental Screening form, and breaking down barriers to good oral health that our school communities may face. This summer our group is having a meeting to discuss these topics, and we would like to invite you, or a representative from your school district, to attend as an example of a district that either has high rates of return for your Dental Screening Form, or have worked to increase your numbers within the last few years. We want to hear what has worked for you, in order for us to assist those that may be struggling with returns.

We hope that you will be able to join us. If you have any questions, please contact Linda Poytner at linda.poynter@nkyhealth.org.

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