There is nothing quite like the love of a grandparent! They give great hugs, are enthusiastic storytellers, and are eager to lend an ear. September is the month we celebrate grandparents and let them know they are appreciated with abundance! It is also an opportune time to talk about the importance of older adult oral health education and the benefits of maintaining good oral health habits from the age of 65 and beyond. 

By 2060, the number of US adults aged 65 years or older is expected to reach 98 million, which will be 24% of the overall population. Understanding the correlation between oral health and overall health plays an important role in a healthy lifestyle for “savvy” seniors. By maintaining daily oral hygiene older adults will be free of oral pain, able to reap the benefits of a well-balanced diet, enjoy interpersonal relationships, and maintain a positive self-image. 

Although aging can make oral hygiene more challenging, Oral Care Tips for Older Adults, along with resources below addressing the common oral health issues as we age, will inform proper dental care:

Today’s seniors are vital, active, healthy, and well educated. Whether relaxing in a rocking chair or rock climbing, consistent routine dental care can help seniors sustain good oral health and be ready to rock! Or ROCK ON!

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