In February, Delta Dental Plans Association released new findings from its Original Tooth Fairy Poll® that show the Tooth Fairy’s average cash gift reached its highest point in the 23-year history for a total of $4.70 per tooth. In addition to the poll, Delta Dental collaborated with the Tooth Fairy creating resources guaranteed to make a child’s Tooth Fairy experience extra special. While there is little doubt that receiving money from the Tooth Fairy can be rewarding, those financial rewards add up. Typically, a child has 20 primary teeth. According to the poll average, the Tooth Fairy will spend almost $100.00 per child. That’s a lot of change for those chompers. We don’t want to put the Tooth Fairy out of business!

There are many creative ways the Tooth Fairy can help children celebrate. Imagine if the Tooth Fairy celebrated good oral health habits in addition to the loss of a tooth without breaking the bank!

Frugal Tooth Fairy Tips:

  • Free or practically free:
    • Tooth Fairy proclamation coupons: 
      • The tooth fairy proclaims you have earned one extra bedtime story for the night/week
      • The tooth fairy proclaims you may choose the movie for movie night
      • The tooth fairy proclaims you may choose the menu for a special dinner night at home
      • The tooth fairy proclaims you may choose the game for game night
      • The tooth fairy proclaims you have earned a visit to your favorite park or library
    • Celebrate more than losing a tooth
      • Print this Dental Visit Certificate from the office of the Tooth Fairy rewarding a dental check-up 
      • Notes from the Tooth Fairy for:  
  • Small gifts:

If the Tooth Fairy decides to leave money, use this opportunity to teach your children about saving. Make a DIY bank by repurposing a container and check out these 50 fun ways to teach your kids about money. Talking about the Tooth Fairy’s giving habits makes for a fun and wonderful opportunity to help kids develop positive dental habits at an early age.