Dear kids and their caregivers, 

May is here, and you know what that means: the sweet treats of summer, crunchy fruit perfect for pulling out loose teeth, and National Dental Care Month. Between encouraging people to avoid sugary drinks, the influx of teeth under pillows in order to earn some summer spending money, and reminding everyone about the importance of dental care, this Fairy is WORN OUT. 

I really do love my job, but…here’s the thing: I don’t get a summer vacation. Or any vacation. Most magical beings who leave gifts for you have seasonal work and/or an entire workshop. (I’m looking at you, Easter Bunny and Santa Claus.) But the Tooth Fairy is a one-woman, third-shift operation, and kids lose teeth every single day.  

I recently overheard a kid say, “So the tooth fairy goes from house to house, picking up teeth and dropping off money? That doesn’t sound too hard.” I was so appalled and insulted that I almost didn’t leave his tooth money but then thought that went against the Tooth Fairy Spirit. 

His comments did inspire me to start this public awareness campaign, however. Here are some simple steps you can take to make this weary Fairy’s job easier: 


Little-known fact: I have to haul out the teeth with cavities and decay in a separate bag from healthy teeth. Twice the gear, twice the magic. Want to lighten my load? The best thing you can do for me (and yourself!) is to keep your teeth healthy by brushing twice a day, flossing daily, and drinking mostly water. Listen to your grown-ups when they remind you to take care of your teeth, and be kind to the dentists and dental hygienists when they clean and examine you. Your teeth and this Fairy will appreciate it! 

Parents and caregivers 

You all are the real MVPs of this Tooth Fairy’s route. Establishing and modeling healthy routines, scheduling dental visits, curbing the candy consumption—you do it all. Feeling overwhelmed? Remember that dental professionals are there to help you as a caregiver, and the American Dental Association’s website is full of FAQ’s, tips, and more. Maybe your child just lost their first tooth, and you’re feeling a lot of emotions about them growing up? Enjoy that gap-toothed smile, and share your feelings with a friend. As caregivers, you help me rest easy knowing that kids’ teeth are in good hands. Now that I think about it, maybe I should start leaving gifts under your pillows… 

Is this letter a bit of a #humblebrag about my work ethic? Sure, but it’s also a reminder that healthy teeth are really important. If they weren’t so important, there would be no need for a Fairy like myself! 

Now please, go enjoy your summer, and remember my plea to take it easy on the Tooth Fairy. 

I’m heading back to my spreadsheet analyzing tooth payout rates related to the cost of inflation. 

The Tooth Fairy