Hello,Jennifer Hasch BS RDH

I am Jennifer Hasch, Kentucky Oral Health Coalition (KOHC) Member and Dental Director for Shawnee Christian Healthcare Center where we serve our neighbors of all ages and children in 10 school-based dental programs. My participation in foreign dental missions contributes to my recognition of the global similarities to Kentucky’s poorest populations. I am passionate about access to care and public health dentistry within Kentucky.

2020 was a rough year. Fortunately, KOHC had my back and provided pertinent COVID-19 updates and recommendations from the CDC, the Kentucky Department for Public Health, Governor Beshear, and key oral health organizations in the state and nationwide. Having a network of concerned advocates to collaborate and talk through shared experiences was a much-needed relief in such uncertain times.

When I voiced my concerns to the coalition about patient care and my team’s safety, I knew my concerns were heard and that thoughtful, efficacious action would follow. KOHC continues to be my go-to source for reliable, up-to-date information.

I have been a member of KOHC for many years and now serve on the steering committee. As a member of the coalition, I know my voice matters! My membership provides me with the opportunity to vote on coalition decisions and influence KOHC policy priorities. I am also invited to attend all Kentucky Oral Health Coalition meetings which is a great way to network and collaborate with diverse professional agencies and organizations. The meetings are filled with topical and informative presentations by experts in their field. This valuable information inspires me to advocate for my patients and continue to give them the best possible care. As an individual member, in addition to receiving useful information, I appreciate the benefit of receiving CEU credits made available through coalition meetings.

As a dental professional with KOHC, I know my voice does make a difference. The Kentucky Oral Health Coalition needs your voice!

Thank you,
Jennifer Hasch, BS, RDH

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