Kentucky Oral Health Coalition is adamant when we assert our mission to improve the oral health of all people of Kentucky. And yet, we know that there are historic racial and systemic challenges in place for us to achieve that mission.

Our mission is rooted in the pursuit of equity, including addressing oral health disparities by promoting best practices in oral health, engaging local and state-level community members, and advocating for effective policies to improve the health care system.

Every Kentuckian deserves to be healthy, safe, and hopeful; we cannot move forward, toward the future, without valuing diversity, equity, and inclusion and honoring those as commitments.

Kentucky Oral Health Coalition renews its dedication to every Kentuckian in the Commonwealth by committing to focus on equitable public policy that reduces disparities, along with listening and learning from people in impacted communities. We invite you to join us to learn, to listen, and to transform Kentucky so we can ensure every chance for every one of us.


Mahak Kalra