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The Kentucky Oral Health Coalition (KOHC) is proud to announce a new opportunity for communities interested in improving oral health among children and families. The Kentucky Oral Health Coalition is partnering with the UCLA Health Care Institute (HCI) and the Governor’s Office of Early Childhood to offer Community Early Childhood Councils (CECC) mini-grants up to $1,000 to conduct oral health trainings to parents in their communities using an approved curriculum and protocol.

The UCLA Health Care Institute aims to empower parents, benefit children, and improve the health care system. They utilize a comprehensive approach to health empowerment for low income parents, children and early childhood professionals on an array of programs targeting key health issues. The HCI’s methodologies of training have been proven to make valuable long-term differences in the lives of low income families with young children. This opportunity is the first effort in the country to train parents statewide.


The Community Early Childhood Councils will designate a team of 3 members to attend the HCI Train-the-Trainer session on November 6th, 2014 in Louisville, KY. Seven CECCs across the state will be chosen to participate in this unique program.

The purpose of the HCI Train-the-Trainer session is to train local teams to plan and implement parent engagement strategies around oral health literacy. Local teams could include representatives from Head Start or Early Head Start, child care, social service, schools, and/or health services. Other team members may be designated to be part of project team, but each team is required to send three people to the train-the-trainer session. The local team will identify a Project Coordinator who will be the primary contact for the project.


  • Tooth decay is a transmissible bacterial infection and cavities are a symptom. Tooth decay is often established by the time a child enters preschool, can be passed on from parent to child, and can lead to serious, sometimes life-threatening infections in the body.
  • Dental cavities are the most prevalent chronic disease among U.S. children, with over 40% of all children experiencing tooth decay by the time they reach kindergarten.
  • In 2012, Kentucky had the 5th highest rate of toothlessness of those 65+ in the country.

Participation in the Health Care Institute Program includes ALL of the following:

1) Community Early Childhood Council will designate a local team of 3 participants to attend the Health Care Institute Train-the-Trainer session in Louisville, KY on November 6, 2014.

2) Those trained and their partners will recruit, plan and conduct parent training(s) in your community for at least 50-100 families.

3) The local team and their partners will follow up with participating families for reinforcement after the training.


Each participant in the Train-the Trainer session will receive:

  • 8 Hour Training from UCLA Training Team that includes tools to:
  • – plan your local parent engagement events
    – build staff and participant motivation
    – market and engage your community and communicate your message
    – deliver the parent trainings – tips and lessons learned from other programs
    – begin to plan the parent trainings as a team including budget, sustainability by using the TAP (Training Action Planning) tool

  • HCI Oral Health Training Manual which contains all materials referenced in the training
  • Training Action Plan worksheets
  • Flash Drives with all training materials including additional, supporting materials for the reference of and shared by those trained at the training
  • Books, “What to do for Healthy Teeth” – each attendee will receive one (1) book in English.
  • Training kit and Door Prizes
  • Cost of travel to the Train-the-Trainer session (including hotel if needed)
  • One year of ongoing technical assistance for all attendees from GreenLight Training® and/or the HCI at UCLA for the support of all trainers
  • Updates on training materials and newsletters as they become available

If you have any questions please contact Mahak Kalra at mkalra@kyyouth or 502-895-8167 ext. 114

This form must be filled out online and completed by October 1, 2014.

Online Application

  • Name: Title: Organization: Email: Phone
  • Name: Title: Organization: Email: Phone:
  • Name: Title: Organization: Email: Phone:
  • Demographics

  • Statement of Intent – Each question has a 1250 maximum character count

  • Commitment

    • Be a part of the HCI program for at least 1 year and train at least 100 parents during this year (*Accepted programs serving less than 100 families will be asked to sign a commitment guaranteeing a minimum number of families trained).

    • Work cohesively within the CECC Training Team (the team that attends the train-the trainer session) throughout the duration of the project to ensure sustainability and integration into local early childhood family engagement practices.

    • Attend the one day train-the-trainer session in Louisville KY on November 6th 2014.

    • Create a successful plan to recruit the required number of families for training.

    • Create a parent training that reflects what is learned at the November 6th Training.

    • Submit requested data, program progress, successes and challenges relating to participation in the HCI.

    • Meet deadlines and communicate regularly with HCI and Kentucky Oral Health Coalition.

    • Develop and implement an effective system to engage families and staff under the guidance and training of the HCI and Kentucky Oral Health Coalition.

    • Parental follow-up (this will be discussed at the Train the Trainer session).

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